Somatrans makes available to its customers

an e-business solution to follow your export and / or import projects

We provide our customers with a tool centralizing all the information related to your international transport projects.

Personal space

A secure personal space.

24/24 tracking

Follow each step of transport with tracking.


Find all of your commercial documents.


Find all of your administrative documents.

Your stocks in real time

Complete information about your merchandise: weight, sizes, quantity, location ...

Routing tracking

Find your merchandise arrivals at 20, 30, 60 days.

Export excel, PDF

Possibility of exporting your data in pdf, excel ...

Push information

Push information for real-time visibility.

Data duplication

Centralized data duplication, in real time.


Our IT tool is AEO certified.

Information filter

Quickly filter the information to get the data that interests you.

Data centralization

All information in one place.

Find all the information about your merchandise

Our commitments in security.

Because your supply chain is extremely strategic, Somatrans guarantees its security and integrity thanks to an IT architecture incorporating an optimal PRA (Return to Activity Plan) in the event of an IT crash or a force majeure event.

Our tool

is secure and AEO certified

The duplication of centralized data, in real time, between two secure sites 100 km away, as well as the possibility of substituting one branch for another without prior formality, are two examples that materialize our approach to anticipation in the face of potential hazards. Our staff are involved and trained in this process. “These safety commitments allow us to benefit from of AEO certification, recognized throughout the world. ”

We provide you with your personal space from your first import and / or export project

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A complete tool for your international transport project

Customs simplification, security and safety

Aware of the challenge of delivering your goods in perfect condition, we have implemented solutions for monitoring and securing transport.

Whether your consignment is transported to its destination by road, sea or air transport, we pay special attention from departure until arrival.