Customs commission

Our expertise at your service

Our sites are all equipped with bonded warehouses in order to optimize
formalities and allow temporary storage before customs clearance.


We carry out all customs procedures for our customers


Import / export
Regulatory watch
Phytosanitary management
Alcohol management
Management of petroleum products
Customs inventory management
Tariff classification of products (BTI)


Respect and optimization of the classification of your products
Management of Declaration of Exchange of Goods (DEB)

Customs approved

All our sites are approved by customs

International transport

The transit commission is a complex but compulsory step for any transport of goods to or from a third country or a DOM.
Our teams are tasked with handling all customs formalities and declarations.

They are trained to meet your needs and provide you with support for all types of customs formalities: Import / Export, transit, temporary admission, tariff classification…