Imported products Logistics Case Study

Rubber products manufacturer uses Moovit FTZ to improve cash flow

This major manufacturer makes rubber products for a wide range of uses, including supermarket check-out counters, package handling, and exercise equipment. The company imports raw material from overseas into the port in Norfolk, VA. So we used Moovit customer service resources to reduce administrative time. On the customer’s behalf, Moovit handled filing of monthly FTZ 214 documents with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Situation and Logistic Strategy

Rubber products manufacturer wanted to stage this raw material at a warehouse close to key manufacturing sites in Eastern NC – ideally a warehouse with foreign trade zone (FTZ) status. Moovit Logistics fit the bill on all fronts and the companies have enjoyed a successful partnership since 2008.

Leverage FTZ advantages to improve cash flow

Moovit stores material in its general purpose FTZ in Eastern NC. Since FTZs are considered outside U.S. Customs territory, there can be an immediate movement of goods to Moovit’s FTZ, delaying the payment of Customs duty and excise taxes until the product leaves the facility. To support unplanned activity spikes, Moovit can recruit trained workers at a moment’s notice since four other Kanban warehouses are located very close to the FTZ. This enables a very responsive inbound logistics solution without the need for outside temporary labor.


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